Devops and Support Specialist

DevOps or Support Engineer Wanted

  • If you're not afraid of concepts like cloud, automation, infrastructure as code, continuous integration and delivery, cluster, distributed file systems, high availability, trunk-based development, 99.9% uptime...

  • And if you eat for breakfast terms like docker, containers, kubernetes, ansible, yaml, json, rest, bash, python, linux, bare-metal, nginx, oidc, postgres, mongodb and so on ... we like it, you must be an awesome devops guru!

  • You do like the above terms and concepts, but just learning about and want to know more? We are also looking for a support engineer ambitious enough to grow into a devops specialist or... even more!

  • Since we are very flexible, our collaboration can range from 2h per day to full-time, in a remote setup. Delivery is the only limit.

  • So why wait? Let's have a talk. Send your resume at together with your github account and two future technologies that we overlooked and you bet on. We promise interesting and challenging puzzles that will help you grow.

  • Be prepared to continuously support decisions on technology selection, deployment, release, architecture, design, performance, testing strategy, support. It will be tough!

  • We do try to stay away from vendor lock-in mentality and proprietary software and appreciate the freedom of choice and engagement of open source.

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