Automated Revolution

Spotlight on your data

Our goal is to help organizations understand and adopt new technologies, to apply better and faster their vision of the future so they can be ready for it.


Domains we cover

  • Integrations
    Systems integration, legacy and new
  • Document Management
    Automated flows of documents
  • Data Management
    Discovery, extraction and manipulation
  • R&D
    Software development and continuous deployment
  • IT Security
    Identity and Access Management
  • Cloud
    Kubernetes enabled private cloud deployment and infrastructure

Core philosophies

  • Automation is key
    Let computers work for us, not the other way around
  • Quality first
    Our work is our trademark
  • Never stop
    Continuously improve and deliver
  • Integrate
    Anything with everything
  • Migrate
    From old to modern, seamlesly
  • Refactor and decouple

Technologies we love:

Get to know us:

Small super-team of highly skilled software engineers with more than 20 years of experience. We come from various corners of IT like enterprise consulting, security, software development, product management, architecture, devops. We love and support open source and the freedom that comes with it. Since 2011.