Data Migration & Integration

Integrate Systems

The systems might show their ages: end of life of products, expiring licenses, unpatched security issues can be fixed with proxy systems or with an Enterprise Service Bus. This can also enable migration of legacy systems.

Migrate Legacy Systems

When some legacy old systems are a technical debt to you: licensing costs too high, vendor lock-in, no security patches, end of life products, hard to find specialists you need to migrate them. Legacy systems can be migrated gradually if you have the knowledge on how to do it surgically. We've done that multiple times. Do it gradually while in total control of your systems.


You already have production systems full of data. A new perspective might provide a boost. We worked with ESBs like WSO2 for a SOA architecture for enterprise application integration. We extracted data from databases like Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres; from external services via API: with xml centric technologies(ws/soap/xml/wsdl) but also with newer REST oriented APIs (swagger, JSON, YAML); from no-sql databases, files in java/scala using Spark. The migrated systems might be implemented in SOA, ESB but also as microservices to offer more flexibility.

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