Identity & Access Management - IAM

Nowadays you have tons of applications that must authenticate and authorize tons of users.

  • Single Sign-On:
    • If your personall are wasting time with
      • managing multiple credentials: usernames and passwords
      • consumes help desk and support time
      • enters passwords multiple times per day for each application
    • With Single Sign-On the user enters once a unique password and is authorized everywhere.
  • Access Management: Using UMA, a profile of OAuth 2.0, your organization can secure API’s and centralize authorization policies for applications.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Configure multi-factor and multi-step authentication to applications, and call external API�s such as intrusion detection.
  • Directory Integration: Bridge your existing identity infrastructure and your applications, and leverage user information across Active Directory or any LDAP V3 server.
  • User Management: Add, edit and manage people, groups and user attributes and claims to ensure the proper information is released about the right people.
  • Enrollment: Customize workflows relating to the enrollment and registration process people face when registering new accounts at new applications.

For Access Management, API Security and User Managed Access, we specialize in the following products:

  • Gluu Server

Single Sign-On

With Single Sign-On the user enters once a unique password and is authorized everywhere. Don't waste time with multiple credentials, application specific authentication and unsecure user databases.

Access Management

Control Access for Users, Devices, Things, Applications, and Services. Authorize access on resources, operations with coarse or fine grained permissions. You can have one system to to rule them all.

Secured Data

Rapid and accurate provisioning and de-provisioning of users, minimizing unauthorized access to information and processes. Adopt more secure forms of identification and authentication, including two-factor authentication, further enhancing access controls.

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